This blog is intended for me and others to document our hobby projects, share knowledge, and our finished work with others.

My name is Thaddaeus Gardner, and I’ve always had a creative mindset and been a natural problem solver. I’ve done everything from PC builds and repairs to engine swaps in cars. It is this vast and diverse understanding of how things are assembled and work combined with patience and research that allows me to figure out anything I’m interested in, and I have fun doing it!


Custom mechanical keyboards, keyboard reviews, and show and tell.





Builds, game reviews, hardware reviews, game release info, hardware. Modern and old-school PCs and peripherals.


3D Printing

3D Printer Mods, Finished Prints, Knowledge, Product Reviews




retro gaming

Are you feeling nostalgic?

Lately I have been which is why I’ve decided to have a whole section devoted to retro gaming and RetroPie setups.


Nerf Blaster Mods

This has become a new hobby of mine, thus I have dedicated a blog section to it. Combining my knowledge of hobby electronics with my fascination with guns, it’s not too often that you get to shoot your friends and get away with it!




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